Infrastructure to support economic recovery in Ukraine

Infrastructure to support economic recovery in Ukraine

Russian aggression destroyed an essential part of the Ukrainian economy. At the earliest stages of invasion international partners proposed a vision for after-war reconstruction according to the principle ‘to build back better’. The EU announced the basic principles of effective reconstruction in the communication ‘Ukraine Relief and Reconstruction’. However, Ukrainian state officials and other interested parties tried to concentrate international support in their own hands and to form the package of reconstruction projects based on their own priorities.    

Rebuild Business Joint Platform© is our answer to the challenge

Four Basic Principles 

The recovery of the Ukrainian economy is to be based on the next basic principles:

  1. Innovations – to build back better 
  2. Inclusiveness – everybody may develop and present own recovery project 
  3. Direct communication among project teams and donors – no artificial barriers from the state and other players 
  4. Professional support of the recovery process – a number of free profile markets serving needs of the project teams and donors

EU-UA Integration

The recovery of the Ukrainian economy is to be done from the perspective of EU-UA integration and based on the Strategy for Business Recovery for business entities of all organizational and legal forms, regardless of the form and structure of ownership. The Strategy in its parts and in a whole is developed by a community of Ukrainian profile experts listed in the expert’s database.

The Strategy for Business Recovery includes guidelines for the development within sectoral (agricultural sector, food industry, defense sector, energy, transport, construction, creative industries, medicine, recreation, etc.) and horizontal components, which are common to all sectors (digitalization, ESG standards, energy efficiency, taxes, financial markets, environment for small and medium-sized business, cooperation, clustering, etc.)

Mission of the Platform

The Rebuild Business Joint Platform serves as a tool for the implementation of the Ukrainian national Strategy for Business Recovery assisted by the USA, EU and other international partners. 

The mission of the Platform is to provide free communication between the business presented by a variety of projects and/or packages of projects (Projects) and providers of funds and other resources (Resources). 

Communication among providers and recipients of resources is direct and free from any artificial or additional barriers. Due to direct communication between owners of resources and their recipients the system is free from corruption and undemocratic decision-making, including distributing annexed resources of the Russian Federation.

A number of free markets of profile professional services addresses a need ‘to build back better’ in line with the EU norms and best practices in an innovative way.

Key Databases

Information on resources for business recovery is accumulating in the database of providers, structured according to their types (states, annexed assets of the Russian Federation, investment funds, donations, private business, etc.). Information on domestic business recovery projects is accumulating in the database of projects (projects of individual business entities, their consortia, clusters, cooperatives, project packages of business associations, of local self-government organizations, etc.). The platform also provides links to institutions accumulating packages of the business recovery projects (Governmental Recovery Plan of Ukraine, the DREAM system, etc.)

Professional assistance

To make communication between business and providers of resources professional and successful, the Rebuild Business Joint Platform is immersed into infrastructure of a number of the Platform Agencies, which are free markets accumulating professional services:

  • Education Agency accumulating training services on a range of issues concerning development and implementation of business recovery projects (project management, compliance with international standards, etc.)
  • Project Bureau accumulating services to assist businesses in development of the recovery projects in accordance with EU and international standards and practices
  • Harmonization Agency accumulating services of experts in issues horizontal and sectoral EU policies, legislation and practice
  • Translation Agency presenting a market of foreign language services
  • Assessment Bureau exposing services of authorized entities regarding the assessment of losses and current assets
  • Legal Chamber presenting a range of legal services from justification the claims on compensation of war losses to drafting the investment contracts
  • Audit Chamber accumulating services on the due diligence, independent accounting reports etc.
  • Assurance Agency presenting a market of assurance services
  • Implementation Monitoring Agency concentrating services related to independent monitoring and assessment of project implementation, delivering independent consumer examinations
  • Sustainability Office delivering services on transformation projects financed by grants into full-scaled business on a market basis 
  • Innovation Chamber presenting services of technopolisis, innovative business nurseries, research parks and other agents of modern innovative infrastructure


PO ‘Analysis Centre AUU’ plays a headquarters to the Platform, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine serves as a host for physical and distant activity of the Rebuild Business Joint Platform. However, the Platform is open for generating the daughter spots in regions and based on the other institutions representing interests of the business like profile business associations, NGOs and other non-profits.


The initiative to create the independent integrated and inclusive platform aimed to support the post-war economic recovery process originates from the round table «Rebuild Ukraine Facility: how the cooperation among the state, civil society and business is to look like?» held on November 11, 2022 at UCCI. This event was organized by PO ‘Analysis Centre of Agrarian Union of Ukraine’ (PO AC AUU) and supported through the EaP Civil Society Forum Re-granting Scheme. 

Then on January 30, 2023 a special Viber Group ‘Rebuild Ukraine’ for sharing current information on directions, mechanisms and methods of post-war reconstruction of Ukraine was launched. Larysa Starikova, the PO AC AUU head of the board and Andrii Zablovskyi, secretary of the Council of Entrepreneurs at the Cabinet of Ministers initiated this activity. This tool is planned to be transformed into the News section at the stage of full scaled activity of the Platform.

Next step is dated May 15, 2023 as heads of agrarian business associations, representatives of scientific and expert communities, financial organisations, members of WG3 US PSC and WG2 UNP EaP at the meeting in the UCCI decided to establish the present Rebuild Business Joint Platform. PO AC AUU was authorized to develop the concept of the Platform and be responsible for its amendments.

Four basic principles of the reconstruction were reported by Larysa Starikova, US PCS member at the regular meeting at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels on July 3, 2023. 


The next people contributed to the Rebuild Business Joint Platform concept: Larysa Starikova, PO AC AUU head of the board (general frame), Andrii Zablovskyi (monitoring situation), Mykhailo Nepran, UCCI vice-president (Strategy for Business Recovery), Oksana Ustymenko, the head of the Agrarian Chambers of Ukraine Kyiv Office (Project Bureau), Leonid Kozachenko, UAK president, the head of Council of Entrepreneurs at the Cabinet of Ministers (Assessment Bureau), Tetiana Tymoshenko, WG3 US PSC (Expert Database, Harmonization Agency), Hatalia Haraschenko, PO 'Club of Economists' president (Innovation Chamber), Oleksandr Voznyuk, US PSC member (Sustainability Office).

Current version of the the Rebuild Business Joint Platform concept is dated March 3, 2024 as it was discussed at the working meeting of WG3 US PCS.


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